Company Overview

Opal Horizon

(Administrators Appointed)

Anthony Connelly and Jamie Harris of McGrathNicol were appointed Voluntary Administrators of Opal Horizon Limited (Administrators Appointed) on 15 January 2018.  For information regarding the company’s administration, please refer to the McGrathNicol website at or contact Patrick Cashman on (07) 3333 9828.
Opal, Australia’s national gemstone should colour your world.” Known to Indigenous people as the fire of the desert it represents a powerful symbol of Australia’s arid interior.


Opal Horizon has long been established to explore for and mine the precious gem and to advance its appreciation by the public through the distribution and sale of high quality boulder and pipe opal from the Company’s own Queensland operations.

Quality, colour and brilliance are paramount to the successful adoption of the gem’s integrity and value in the marketplace. In 2011, at the Gemological Institute of America Symposium in Carlsbad, California, the Company announced development of a new comprehensive gem quality opal grading system – the “3Cs classification and grading scheme”. This scheme provides a solid quantifiable grading system that establishes specific gem grade qualities for this precious stone.

When you acquire opal, whether it be black, white, crystal, fire or boulder, you want the best!