Media & Publications

May 2017
A Tribute to a Modern Day Opal Pioneer

January 2017
SA Museum Acquires ‘World’s Finest’ $900,000 Fire of Australia Opal – Adelaide Review

January 2016
Man who unearthed $1million opal now can’t find any

November 2015
Famous Opal Series: The Galaxy Opal – American Opal Society

August 2015
’Finest opal unearthed’, Virgin Rainbow, on display at SA Museum –  Adelaide Now

June 2015
Geologists debate resource status of Australian opal – Quarry Magazine

March 2014
The Australian Geologist  – article

May 2007
Opal Horizon – Press Release

Australian Sedimentary Opal – Why is Australia unique? – DJ Horton, Australian Gemologist Vol 21

March 2002
The State of the Australian Precious Opal Mining Industry – David Horton